Sweater dresses and puffer jackets

Get your jumper dresses ready

Jumper dresses really are a thing of beauty. They not only fulfil the idea of wearing comfortable clothing throughout the season but it also enables us to dress them up a bit rather than be too casual all the time.

These jumper dresses come in all shapes and sizes. Due to their popularity the amount of designs available is so vast, there has to be a design out there to fulfil each and every one of us. They can be short in length and worn with leggings or jeans. They can be a bit longer in the length and worn on their own with your favourite knee high boots. They can also have many unique features giving them their own individuality.

They can feature in cable knit designs, lighter weight wool fabric base designs. They can come in a polo neck or a round neck. The list is literally endless. Long sleeved, crop sleeved, flute sleeve or tulip. I’m sure you get where I’m going with this.

I’m guessing that at some point in our lives, each and every one of us will don on the good old jumper dress, and don’t ¬†ever throw these away, as they never go out of fashion.

Puffer style jackets

These were vastly popular with the fashion industry throughout 2017. And this looks like it will carry on into 2018. The designs may get lighter and the colours may get brighter. But the look as whole looks set to remain.

To team the combo of jumper dress and puffer jacket is a must have look this spring. Featuring highly amongst most high street big hitters, the look is set to propel forward into the new year even stronger than the previous year. So be sure to get yours early and start the look yourself.