Sparkle and shine, even in spring!

If it’s not about wearing everything red, or gawdy festive jumpers everyday, then Christmas tends to mean wearing head-to-toe sparkles for ~the party season~. But sometimes, you’ve got a banging LBD you want to wear, a colourful skirt or a check-print trouser suit, and that sparkly playsuit just doesn’t fit right. If you’re not comfortable in it, don’t wear it! Sparkles just aren’t for me. I’ve never worn a glittery dress (why are they all so itchy?!) and a sequin covered top just seems impracticle tbh. So why not add sparkle to your outfit through your accessories instead? I don’t mean adding glittery belts or covering your shoes in sequins, just some nice little metallic pops. And what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t go for rose gold, hm?!


If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I LOVE a statement shoe. In particular statement boots! Whether it’s metallics or animal print, platforms or vibrant colours, I’m all about them. So this rose gold pair from Office seemed like the perfect addition. Failing that, I also think a red pair of boots would add the ultimate pop of colour!

My brother actually got me this bag at the start of the year when I was in my cliche blogger ‘I love everything rose gold’ phase and it’s actually not been used all that much! It’s the perfect ‘going out’ size but I just never go out, y’know! I love that the chain and the whole bag are all one colour; and are statement bags, teamed with statement shoes, not the easiest way to jazz up any outfit?!