Revamp Your Look For 2018 — With the Wardrobe You Already Have

We’re kicking off a fresh start to the year with a brand-new look. That doesn’t mean we’re shopping; instead, we’re pulling from the clothes we already have and revamping our look with a few strategic styling hacks. Maybe it’s something as simple as changing up the way you drape a jacket, layering a dress, or the shoes you style with a certain outfit. Maybe it’s embracing a totally new trend. In any case, these small switch-ups can have a huge impact on how you look and feel in the new year.

1. Add a Scarf to Your Outfit

Perking up your outfit is as easy as adding a scarf or bandanna to your look. Tie it around your neck, loop it around the strap of your bag, or wear as a belt — however you like it, work it.

2. Style Your Jacket Off the Shoulders

Layer up the fashion girl way with a jacket styled nonchalantly off the shoulders. Just the simple drape can make anything you wear — even a puffer! — feel infinitely more stylish.

3. Borrow From the Boys

Take a blazer, button-down, trousers, brogues, or any other traditional “menswear staple” and give it your own twist.

4. Embrace Brights (Big Time!)

Swap out your neutrals for some high-impact colour. If you’re really feeling it, go for it on a dress or head-to-toe look. Otherwise, start small with a flash of colour on a bag or shoes.

5. Revamp a Vintage Tee

Slip on a vintage tee or sweatshirt and give it new life with a pencil skirt, cool trousers, and your favourite pair of heels (or flats!).

6. Go Head to Toe in One Colour

Embrace the monochromatic colour effect and make a statement with an outfit in varying shades of the same colour.

7. Dress Up Your Jeans

We fall into denim styling ruts easily — break it by dressing up your jeans and swapping out trainers and t-shirts for your favourite blouses and special footwear.