Lining up for linens in 2018

With spring comes linen

As with every passing spring/summer, once the dreary days of winter have passed and the heavy weight clothing is away for another year, out come the linens. Linen ranges are more associated with the Italian style of clothing. Although some of the younger stores implement the odd garment into their range, if you’e target audience is of the ages of 30+, then linens are the way to go

These Italian linen ranges can come in many shapes and designs. Starting with the the most staple of linen items, the basic linen trouser, these can be a great way of putting money in the till. Ladies of all shapes and sizes love a basic linen trouser. Wide leg, straight leg and now even a more tailored skinny leg, be sure to get a nice even range of these and try and cater for everybody

Linen tops and dresses can obviously vary quite a lot. As we all know there was a time the famous “linen frill” dress endured a great run over a number of years. This particular style can stand as a great example of how well linens can sell so well once you hit the right style.

What colour linens?

The basic answer for this I’m afraid is the most obvious one. Natural earthy colours fit well with the whole idea of a linen range. Beige, mocha, stone, white, black are a few obvious ones to start with. But don’t be afraid to try out your linen range in the colour that is on trend for that season. Your wholesale suppliers will be testing the water with these so make sure you do yourself. Corals and lemons often make an appearance so just keep an eye out to what colour may be in fashion that season and go and get your hands on some.