A fashion breakdown of 2017

A breakdown of fashion

2017 was a great year for fashion. Shops have been turning over fantastic sales and the spike in online clothing stores is not to be ignored. Since the age of social media platforms of advertising and promotions, the online clothing industry really has took a big leap within the industry. From small eBay sellers to the biggest websites out there, the small gaps in the market inbetween made 2017 a great year for starting up small online businesses.

With this new found custom, wholesale clothing was once again booming and the variety of clothing within the industry was really starting to peak and made the choices available to the new custom the industry soon had back the feel good factor

Certain styles and designs will always be key to any clothing store, but 2017 was the year for variety! Competition amongst retailers was high and variety to each ones range was key. Those who added the variety saw their customer base grow whilst keeping within their preferred target audience and watching that grow

All in all 2017 was a great year for fashion, whether that be within retail, Wholesale, or even Manufacturing.

So what does 2018 bring? If 2017 is anything to go by, 2018 is going to be a wonderful year within the whole of the clothing industry. New custom will arise and new designs will be created. The momentum the industry now has behind itself is continuously growing. Last seasons fashion bloom is the evidence of this. So if predictions are correct, 2018 could just be the best year yet! With anybody who is willing to work hard and put the hours in to what they love, there is no reason it won’t be!