Alternatives to skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans have been dying down. Throughout the noughties, it became one of our staples of dressing, but now brands and retailers are increasingly trying to find the new fit of jeans and trousers that will become trendy. With the increase of popular streetwear brand Off-White choosing a straight cut wider 90’s inspired jean, we can see why everyone is keen to try on this new fit of jean.

Now I know what you’re thinking: ‘I’m not going to give up my skinny jeans for anything!’ But this isn’t a detox programme for your clear addiction to skinny jeans, rather a different way of approaching your wardrobe. And from wide leg trousers to the wide-legged jeans you see on all the celebrities and fashion editors of the world.

If you pick up any magazine or click on any street style story of any fashion weeks, there will be an abundance of people wearing their wide-legged jeans with frayed hems and looking incredible.

Now we know that people like Alexa Chung, Kendall Jenner and Kate Moss are still wearing those skinny jeans, but we are not them, unfortunately, and so it’s time to embrace the change of the new wider fit jeans! If you look at the most credible fashion bloggers recent posts you’ll see them embracing the boyfriend jean. These guys normally know a thing or two about upcoming trends so who am I to argue.

From boyfriend jeans to flared jeans and more, these new fits of jean are sure to be incredibly popular over the next few months. And for all your denim crazies, we have even more on our website here.