A bloggers to guide to 2018

 Blogging into 2018

My Instagram feed is ruled by beautiful and stylish people. And most of the time, it’s inspiring — I see looks I’d love to try and places I’d love to go.

But we all have those other days. The days when you feel like the only girl in the world who sometimes forgets deodorant and spends the day hiding sweat stains. Or, who sometimes ventures outside without—gasp!—a perfect blush of color on the lips. On those days, your amazingly beautiful IG feed starts to feel, well, condescending and oppressive.

For those other days, a good dose of reality is in order. Because no one is forever photo-ready!

But for a lot of people their social media platforms are a great way of staying up to date with the latest fashion trends. These can be via the forever growing fashion blog industry which are exploding all over the biggest social media sites. Or they can be simply by following the social media accounts of the people you look to for fashion advice. These can be celebrities or people you know. This is beauty of sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They allow you to interact with all walks of life without having to acknowledge eachother. Isn’t that just fantastic and so 21st century!

Go and look at your favourite Instagram accounts and get yourself all set and ready for what is guaranteed to be a great year for fashion. Whatever 2018 may bring you, I hope it is king to your wardrobe!

After all, behind every great woman is a great outfit. A great wardrobe. A person willing to try out new looks and ideas is a real winner in my book. It can be very difficult for a person to step out of their comfort zones and I tip my hat to any that are willing to give it a go!

After all, who doesn’t love trying new clothing!