5 Upcoming 2018 Trends For you to Wear

Even typing “2018” is giving us some heart palpitations. 2018 Trends are looming ever so closer and like every fashionista girl, we’re trying to see what is both out for 2017 and what is in for 2018 Trends. For one thing, we’re retiring the phrase “Millennial Pilnk.” It had a good run, and now it’s time for something a little different. It’s time to fill your wardrobe up with new and exciting clothing this 2018.

The Dad Sneaker

Yeah, you heard us. Remember those chunky sneakers that your dad used to wear so religiously? These are going to be the next big shoe trend of 2018.

With brands such as Balenciaga and Raf Simons bringing out their own versions of the Dad Sneaker, it’s time for you to apologise to your dad for making fun of him for all of those years and grab yourself a pair of your own to complete your ensemble.

The Oversized Blazer 

Gone are the days of the oversized bomber puffer jackets. The new elegant version of that old chestnut is the oversized blazer, and it’s all the rage. This piece has been making appearances everywhere at fashion week on the backs of all the regulars. It’s one you’re going to be seeing a lot more of in 2018.

The New Denim

Denim is coming back in a big way for all you denim heads out there. Be loud and proud with your denim use and definitely don’t let it make you be less creative with your outfits. The new denim is raw and interesting in every single way possible.

Trench Coats

That trench coat you’ve put away in the back of your closet is making a resurgence in 2018. With designers making it a centre-piece, it’s back back back. And if yours is a little big for you? Even better.


The new print of the season is back for you. Instead of those plaid and striped shirts you’ve been wearing, try and get your checkered blazers and coats out once again.