14 Easy and Stylish Ways to Dress Up Your Jeans

Ah, jeans. Probably the most worn item of clothing in most people’s wardrobes. Always fashionable, they are comfortable enough to be worn on a daily basis and stylish enough to even dress up the most basic white t-shirts. However, there are still a few occasions for which they can be seen as inappropriate. Growing up, my mum always told me that jeans weren’t good enough for nights out, and although I never truly understood why, I simply decided to do as I was told and grew a collection of dresses that I didn’t feel comfortable in.

Fast forward a few years, and my favourite jeans are now pretty much glued to my legs. Because of its versatility, denim can actually very easily be dressed up, and chances are you already own everything you need to do so. Keep reading to see how fashion bloggers wear their jeans on fancy occasions, and don’t hesitate to put yours on next time you’re going out — you’ll look as sophisticated as you would have in any dress!

1. With a feminine white button down, a pale pink handbag and fuschia heels

2. With a black lace top, logo belt and loafers

3. With statement coat and pretty heels

4. With a simple tshirt, blazer jacket, logo belt and bright coloured clutch

5. With a ruffle top, red accessories and red lipstick

6. With leather jacket, logo belt and cute, feminine accessories

7. With a top that has statement sleeves and a pretty bag

8. With a white button down, colourful scarf and fishnet socks

9. With some statement heels and kimono jacket

10. With an off the shoulder green blouse and matching green shoes

11. With a red top, white blazer and embellished shoes

12. With heels and a long trench coat

13. With an off the shoulder ruffle top

14. With a simple black top and black block heel shoes