Powder and pastels to light up January

Bring a dull month to life

As we all know, January can be quite a drab time of year. People tired of partying, eating, drinking and even dancing. January can be seen as the month to let the bank balance build itself up and the waist trim itself down.

If you are in the clothing industry, January can be a time to bring these people back to life. Once the January Sales have seen rode their course and your stock now needs replenishing, it’s time to bring the Spring colours onto the rails and the customers in.

Pastel colours are always featuring at this time of year and after the craziness of Christmas people can be hard to convince to part with their money. But there are lots of consumers out there who are looking to fill up their wardrobes with the wonderful colours that come with spring.

The best place to start with this is the introduction of a new range of pastel, lightweight knitwear. Loose knitted jumpers, shrugs, cardigans are all great items to start with. Certain pastel colours will be stronger than others so it is important to get an idea, before you go out to purchase your stock, of what the latest fashion colour is for this season. Either take a trip into your nearest high street store or pick up the latest fashion magazine, these will always give and early indication to the direction the season will follow.

As the season gets into full swing and the sale rails have been banished for a while, sit back and analyse your stock and the direction you are taking it, and if you feel there is someting missing, add it to the range before it is too late!