SS18 Buyers guide to fashion

Start spring and summer

Now the AW17 season is drawing to a close and the Christmas rush is finally over, it is time to plan for the new upcoming fashion season. If your January Sales are still bringing in the customers, then by all means carry on. There is no better feeling than shifting dead stock whilst still gaining a profit. And the sales are obviously the perfect time for this.

But at some point the new season must start and speaking from experience, the sooner the better. A lot of consumers have already stocked up on their winter outfits and worn them to death over the festivities. They are now looking for the new items they can purchase to bring their wardrobe to life with new colours, styles and designs.

The spring fashion season is well known for its soft and uplifting pastel ranges. Pastel pink, baby blue, soft coral are always featuring at this time of year. And make sure you are on the lookout for what will be the big fashion colour for this season. Shades of coral have already started to hit some of the stores which is always a giveaway sign that this will be a big feature throughout.

Your wholesale clothing suppliers will now be stocking up their brand new spring range and will also be looking to be one step ahead of the competition. Shop around your suppliers, if they are all stocking a particularly colour or design, this is clearly a sign that it will be a big feature for the spring season so if it fits your criteria, shop around for the best price and get your spring season started with a bang. It can be a tough time of year and after the craziness of Christmas people can be hard to convince to part with their money. So this can be one of the toughest times to be buying stock, so learn from experience and don’t make the same mistakes twice!