Upcoming trends for the new season

What’s hot and what’s not

What are the upcoming fashion trends for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 collection. To get an idea of this, keep an eye out on what the bigger stores are pushing and try and pick up the latest fashion magazines. Basic fashion always remains but to put you out in front of the fashion race, it’s always worth trying to be the first to showcase that seasons must have. ¬†Every switch of season always sees the new fad fashon come to fruition. Spring summer 2018 is getting closer and while other stores will be focusing highly on pushing the dead stock through sales, why not be different and get the new stock in early. The idea of battling the January Sales are daunting for a lot of people, so to see stores fully focused on what’s new can be a breath of fresh air for a lot of customers

Last year’s big hitters

It is always worth doing some research on what was the last years biggest sellers. The reason for this is that these can often be the best sellers for the following year, if not the best they are always at least worth a try. A great example for this was last years fluted sleeve designs. This design carried on right through into the winter season and was implemented on a wide range of knitwear. And off what I have been seeing and hearing, they will be a big feature in spring 2018. Choker style necklines teamed with fluted sleeve were last seasons till fillers, and that could be the case for this year as the big stores are already starting to introduce them. So go to your wholesale suppliers and shop around, go to them with specific ideas of what you are looking for and it will make your buying trips a whole lot easier.