Stock, suppliers and sales

Buying stock

If you are new to the clothing business and looking to stock up your store, finding the suppliers to suit your needs is crucial. Building up good relationships which can lead to getting a credit account can be vital in the early years of your business. Frequently visiting the same suppliers helps grasp which is their new stock, how often the receive new deliveries and also builds a great working relationship. The better the stock you are able to get hold of the better your sales will be.

If you manage to get yourself in a situation where you are able to open up a credit account, keeping on top of payments and keeping the relationship going is vital


Pushing sales

The approach used to pushing your stock onto your customer base can be a tricky one. Nobody likes to have anything constantly rammed down their throats, but you also don’t want to get left behind your competitors. So find a nice balance. Push and promotions you may be running and if a certain style is flying off the shelves, also let this be known.

To get yourself started, especially if you are an online company, we always advise to start off with a ‘new business promotion’. What this promotion is is entirely up to you. Do some market research and get an idea of what may work for you. You still want to be in a position of making profit so make sure it suits your needs, as well as being attractive to your new found customers!