Starting up with spring/summer

Starting up a new business

With the fashion trade booming over recent years thanks to the likes of online shopping, apps and even Facebook stores, now is a great time to start up the small business you have always dreamed of. Whether you want to open a small store or start a small Facebook page, forward planning is key. To do this you should start by figuring out who will be your target audience. Once this is established you can then start to plan the range of clothes you would like to offer. Once you have decided this it is then time to do some market research and get out and go and find some wholesale clothing suppliers that fit your needs.

Choosing wisely

Choosing your wholesale clothing suppliers is possibly the most important area when starting up your new business. As with retail, wholesale clothing suppliers vary in many ways. They too have selected their target audience and chose their range to provide for the selected audiences. Starting off with variety is key and will help you grasp what you can sell and what you can’t. If a few of your new styles don’t sell do not be too disheartened. If every item you buy sold straight away it would be a small miracle, so please bare that in mind when starting up. The items that do sell well for you give you an instant idea of who your target audience is. Zone in on this and buy for them specifically. Try to break away from the things you would buy personally and buy what you think will sell. I can’t stress this enough and is one of the biggest mistakes new starters make….So if you read this and don’t take the advice, you can’t say you were not warned!