Italian Slick Spring Silks

Slick silks this spring

As the spring season approaches, there will always be new styles and trends hitting the stores but the fabric bases and ideas generally stay the same. And a big feature for the spring is always Italian Silk. The comfort and great texture of a good quality will garment can feel great compared to the heavy knits of winter.

If you are a retail owner, your wholesale clothing suppliers should be starting January with a vast range of styles of new Italian ranges. As the spring closes in on summer, the Italians are big fans of lightweight linens. Earthy colours and a good quality linen base should be staple items for many retailers over the summer, but silks can start in January and carry on right through to the very end of July, which is when the seasons will change yet again.

So if you are wanting to freshen up your store in January, start of with some great silk items in some new pastel colours. There is usually a must have colour for each season that passes, the big stores will usually focus their window displays around this. So try and keep an eye out and stay one step ahead of the competition and getting down to your wholesale clothing suppliers nice and early and be the first to get your hands on the brand new seasons stock

So with silks looking to be the big trend setters for spring/summer 2018, be sure to shop around to find the styles and designs that suit you. The list of styles available in both retail and wholesale will be endless, the popularity of these demands that. If you are unsure of which direction to head, be sure to check out the latest styles hitting the likes of Topshop and River Island…. These are always a good platform for any budding retailer to abide by