Styling it Out for Christmas Day

Dress Sensibly

If there is one thing that is a certainty on Christmas day is that you’re going to be around A LOT of food. Gravy, cranberry sauce, custard & cream. Basically everything that would be a nightmare to spill on your clothes. Bare that in mind when picking your outfit for the big occasion. Avoid the lighter neutral colours such as stone, cream and the most obvious one…white. Plan ahead and get something that is going to be comfortable but will still make statement so you look fabulous for the occasion and please go for a lighter colour or you could end up covered in mint sauce before the queens speech has even been on.

Wear The Heels

If you’re going to be inside for a full 24 hours with the family & friends then what better time to pull out those killer heels you find it hard to walk down the street in. You won’t be doing hardly any walking so you won’t have to grit your teeth and push through the pain barrier like you normally would have to on a night on the town. No worries about the weather conditions either which is always a bonus. There will be very few days in the year where you will be able to wear your heels around the house so take advantage.

Food Baby

When planning your outfit it would be a good idea to keep sizing in mind. We all overindulged on Christmas Day which is not a bad thing at all but if you’re going to have a few extra roast spuds and a couple of extra yorkshire puddings then make sure you’re not going to wear something that is tight fitting around the waist. You want to be able to at least breath after your dinner. I’m sure you would look great in tight fitted dress if you was only consuming copious amounts of wine like a normal night out but after 2 extra helpings of Christmas Puddings it’s probably not going to be a good idea.