Get Festive This Christmas

Dress to impress this Christmas

The Christmas period has arrived! Full of festive sparkles and elegant dresses, this is often the best fashion season of the year! Office parties, drunken nights in and comfort eating in front of the fire, each one of these requires a different outfit of course. Whether the majority of your Christmas holidays will be spent in your casual tracksuit or you sequin dress, make sure you have this outfit ordered and planned (unless you know Father Christmas will be bringing you one of these items 😉 )

Slouch around all holidays

If this is your idea of a perfect Christmas holiday, and I’m sure this is the case for a lot of us, then a nice new casual hoodie will always goo down a treat. As the winter crisp starts to bite there is nothing more satisfying than being in front of the fire, all wrapped up and cosy and spending quality time with the family. The upsurge in sales of loungewear building up to Christmas day is apparent every year. Once the belly is full of turkey and sprouts on Christmas day is there anything better than sliding into the lounge in your new casual trousers and oversized hoodie? If there is then please do tell me and i would love to hear your suggestions!

Light up any party

The alternative option to staying in and getting cosy is going out and partying until your feet hurt, right?  And to do this you must be armed with the most show stopping dress you can find! As we know, over the festivities sequins tend to take the main stage in many bars and office parties. And why not? They look amazing and fit perfectly with the idea of Christmas! Bright colours, dazzling flickers of light…. Am i describing Christmas lights or or a sequin dress?

So whatever may be your cup of tea over the upcoming festive period, either wrap up warm or dress to dazzle, and enjoy every minute!