5 Party Looks for When a Dress Just Won’t Do

Let’s admit it: you hate going shopping for party looks because somehow you’ve amassed invites to about 7 different parties and the inner fashionista in you is saying that you can’t go to all of these parties in the same dress you’ve been dragging out of your closet for about 2 years now. And sometimes you just don’t want to wear a dress at all, and we hear you on that front. So here are 5 Party looks for when a dress just won’t do

Do it Casual

Who said that you had to dress up anyway with a Party Look? With everyone else struggling to walk at the end of the night with their heels and dresses, why not just go the other way and not deal with any of the fuss. Plus, you’ll probably be the comfiest throughout the night, and isn’t that what’s most important?

Tailoring Done Right

Now, if you’ve gotta go somewhere where the dress code is smart, then don’t go for the boring option of a dress. Just get a suit and be the most stylish one out here. And yes, you can stand out in a suit, if it’s done right.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Vibes

If you’re completely done with having to look like everyone else at the party with their high heels and sparkly dresses, then this is probably the look for you. Channel your inner Courtney Love and get out that leather jacket you’ve been desperately wanting to wear.

Oversized and Comfy

Seriously, if you just want to be comfy and stylish at the same time, then just go with your oversized pieces that we know you already have in your closet. We know, it’s a god send.

The Eighties

Anything flared here is gonna make all of the difference if a dress just isn’t your thing. And the more casual probably the better.