5 Ways to Style a Leather Jacket

Before proceeding to the following article, we ask that you answer the following question: Do you own a leather jacket? Yes/No.

Did you answer yes? Hurrah! You’re part of the leather jacket club.

Did you answer no? Well, look… you’re not part of the club but if you quickly pop down to the mall and buy one then we’re prepared to forgive you.

Why is it so important to add a leather jacket to your already overflowing wardrobe? They’re versatile! They’re badass! They never go out of fashion! Exclamation marks!

What’s more, there are many ways to wear a leather jacket without repeating outfits. We have done the hard work for you and narrowed down five ways to style a leather jacket like a street style star.

1. Pair With Black Pants

Black is the new black. Throw your black leather jacket over some black trousers/jeans and a black t-shirt and you’ll be good to go. If you’re feeling particularly rock n roll, you could even throw some black leather boots into the midst. We have got some fantastic ankle boots that would really set this outfit off

2. Pair With a Dress

Pretty and punk collides when you put a leather jacket over a feminine dress. This is a great way to wear your leather jacket while still looking like a lady.

3. Pair With a Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts, particularly those of the cotton variety, look super street when paired with a leather jacket and trainers. Don’t limit yourself to cotton. A leather jacket can toughen up a floral or chiffon maxi skirt in the same way it can toughen up a pretty dress.

4. Pair With a Midi Skirt

Midi is a difficult length to master. The wrong midi skirt can be very unflattering and leave you looking drab. To avoid being mistaken for your grandma, try teaming a sheer, textured midi skirt with a leather jacket. Sheer midi skirts are fun and, dare we say it, quite sexy. Leather jackets are obviously edgy, so pair the two together and you could take over the world. (Probably.)

5. Pair With Torn Jeans

Torn jeans and leather jackets go together like vanilla ice cream and a hot summers day. It’s a foolproof combination. You couldn’t get this one wrong even if you tried. Just do it.