Grab a relaxed pair of jeans, they can be ripped, skinny, mum fit, high waisted, whatever!…as long you feel comfortable in them. Then add an oversized knitted sweater. We like to go with neutral colours and maybe a cable knit design. You’re almost ready to go but to really elevate this outfit you need to ditch the sneakers and opt for the heels. We think that a tan coloured leather look bag is always a winner with this sort outfit. If you feel you want the outfit to really stand out then adding pops of red to the outfit could be a great move. With red being the colour of the season don’t be afraid to purchase some red heels or a red handbag. If you’re going to be battling the elements then add some red to your knitwear accessories.

It’s amazing how a pair of heels can instantly elevate any outfit. For example, if you had chosen to wear a pair of sneakers with this ensemble instead of pumps, I would look considerably more casual, particularly because of the ripped/distressed jeans and broken-in leather bucket bag. And although this is not a dressy look by any means, the fact that we suggested to wear these heels instead, made the outfit feel stylish and pulled together, creating the perfect look for dinner or drinks out with friends!


  • To make a bulky, oversized sweater look more stylish, try doing a mini front tuck into your jeans or pants to create more of a waistline and silhouette. This will help avoid your shape getting lost in all the fabric.
  • When wearing denim, I usually try to find cropped jeans and then go one step further and create a half roll or quick cuff to create more space between the hem and my heels. It’s elongating and feels super chic.
  • Try wearing a lipstick or lip stain in a red or berry color. I know from experience that it immediately makes me feel more polished and can spruce up a look with minimal effort. Perfect for date night!