Festive Knitwear? Yes or no??


A big question for your boutique. Do you stock festive themed knitwear? Not so long ago, festive knitwear was somewhat seen as cringe or a bit tacky, should we say. But the over the last few winter fashion seasons, the demand and popularity of such items has significantly improved. It started around the winter season of 2015. Where there has always been a small demand for ‘Christmas Jumpers’, the steep rise in popularity started around then. The big stores found themselves unable to ignore the sudden popularity of these items, and therefore began to stock these funky, festival themed, gimmick style knitwear.

whilst there are 100’s of different styles and price ranges for such items, if you are willing to introduce them into your store, be sure to source styles that will fit your profile. Let me explain. If your store is a bit more of an upmarket boutique, don’t go and throw in a thin, 100% acrylic, very standard printed Christmas jumper as this will undermine the rest of your stock. As mentioned, clothing wholesalers will stock these in many different variations. Some of which will be better quality and more detailed (as well as being in better fabrics).  There may be styles with wool, styles with extra detail that gives the garment much clearer value for money. As there will be such a huge range of these, it is important to spend time looking around…if you are one of those who are willing to add these items to your beautiful boutiques. And if you want my advice, i say go for it!! I believe these will get even stronger this year so it would be a shame to miss out on this flash in the pan, easy money!