Christmas is around the corner


Christmas is coming

Chilled time with the family, the food, the mulled wine, the kindness and the calm. Whatever gets you into the festive spirit, make sure you enjoy it to the fullest and breathe out a year that has been tough on us all. ’Tis is the season to be jolly, let’s leave the heavy unloading to New Years Eve.

Let’s not live in denial though, because end of December also means party season at its very peak and I’ve proudly had more Champagne this month that I’ve had the entire year. On the sartorial front, it’s high season to get yourself equipped with something glittery to not blend into the background like a total wall flower, you got to have a little bit of a humour to get yourself into that right festive spirit. And picking the right outfits for each of these occasions is

Store stocking fillers

A great idea if you are a brave boutique owner is to stock up on easy to buy ‘stocking filler’ gifts. Hats, gloves, scarves are all things to bear in mind. These can be great gifts for your customers and even if the profit margins are not that high, at the least the cash will keep flowing 😉

Alongside all your knitwear etc… these will all sit well together and give your store that really good Christmas spirit