Colour coding your season

Colour coding

As for any fashions season, on trend colours are splattered throughout the high street. For good reason too, as these are the must have colours for any wardrobe for that upcoming season.

As the seasons change, so do the fashion colour pallets. Throughout the summer it can be anything from certain pastel shades to cerise hot pink. As the autumn/winter season starts to creep in the colours will darken. They will start to lean towards the mustard and teal sort of colour pallet. Knitwear is a major area for this season. Try and picture colours that will team well with black. Black basics are always a great feature throughout the winter so the outer knitwear should be the item to bring an outfit to life. Funky coloured cable knit cardigans, ribbed jumpers and also capes, are a good point to start

Colour combinations

Colour combinations within the store is a great marketing technique. Colour match your items and make outfits for your customers to purchase instantly. Do the work for them. Match up your basics with your killer knitwear. Push your best colour garments to the front of your store to create the initial attraction. vibrant colours will always catch the eye of the passing foot flow. At the end of the day, every person walking past your store is a potential customer, so do your best to catch their eye and tempt them into your store

What colour for the winter?

To give you an idea for this season, from experience, here is a list of the on trend colours for the 2017 Autumn/Winter season.

Mustard, rust/brick, teal, wine/berry, deep khaki or bottle green. Whilst these may seem obvious, if  i produced the same list this time next year you would notice a huge difference. Because as we all know, fashion moves very quickly so be sure not to be left behind!