What’s Hot and What’s Not

What’s hot?

With the cold winter season fast approaching us, this busy time of year must be well planned to be successful. The wholesale clothing suppliers will now be stocking all this seasons must have’s, so it’s important to get down to your suppliers and look at the new arrivals as frequent as possible, to ensure you don’t miss out. Stock moves fast at this time of year, especially the best sellers!

You will find that capes, ponchos…anything with wool, will always seem to sell at this time of the year. High fashion colours in staple styles, will guide you nicely into this busy period!

What’s not?

There are a few do’s and don’ts to manage yourself through the festive period. One important thing to note is budget management. Regular visits to your suppliers, top up fast selling styles and poaching any deals in between. These are things you should take on board. Winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves….all these smaller items can not only beef up your shelves but they can also make great Xmas presents


This is a very important subject to note. Getting your winter/Xmas stock in early and in time with the big stores can be key. The bigger outlets are now bringing in stock earlier and earlier each year, all to try and stay ahead of the market and get the tills ringing. So you should do exactly the same! Get the stock in. Maybe buy smaller quantities than you usually would and test different styles, get a feel for what will be popular this season


To summarise, stock and cash flow management are key to sailing through the winter season. With big sales coming earlier each year it is essential to get the stock in early, as the big stores do, and get the full value for your stock. The better your stock management, the less goes onto the sale rail!