A Style Tip when Dressing for the Autumn

Autumn seems to be cumbersome, doesn’t it? It isn’t cold enough to just throw on your big winter coat and yet it’s too cold to bare too many limbs without having to freeze to death come 8pm. And with cold commutes, with packed trains, toasty bars and air-conditioned offices, autumn is really becoming a struggle for us. So, we’re definitely happy that this new Autumn Trend has come about for us: it’s time to start layering your dresses over your jeans.

Jean Selection is Crucial

Now, unfortunately this isn’t gonna work for those who love skinny jeans and nothing else. The cut of the jean is essential for making this trend work, so go with something that is either a slim/straight fit and slightly cropped as well – just so the proportions don’t look super odd!

Pick the Right Dress

Something with a high slit or is asymmetric works perfectly for this trend; allowing the dress to show off a decent amount of jean is vital for this Autumn Trend and is gonna make the best of this trend as well.

Make Sure Your Shoes Compliment the Rest of the Outfit

As always, the shoes tend to be the most important part of the outfit. Make sure you wear something that complements everything that you have on, and doesn’t overwhelm anything. Generally, a pair of ankle boots are your best friend with this Autumn Trend.

Layer up!

Now we know we’ve just thrown with you a lot of information, but winter is closing in, and you’re going to need those extra layers to get you through those cold.

So add a layer to prevent the cold on those nights where even the boiling hot train won’t warm you up. Something that works so perfectly with this Autumn Trend. A trench coat would be a fantastic edition to this great look.