The Mercury has Started to Drop, don’t let your Style

It’s officially sweater weather, and though you still may be trying to cling onto the sun, it’s definitely fading away. So, the question is always, how are we still going to look like fashionistas whilst trying to not to freeze to death in the British winter. No worries for you, as we’ve gotten all the inspiration that you’re crying out for here at Zuppe. Make sure your retail store is still on the hot list even in these icy temperatures.

Layering is Your New Best Friend

Get ready to layer as many things as you can: take some inspiration and layer a turtleneck over or under a dress for a new look. Check out these knitted high neck jumpers that are flying out for us.

Wear Your Favourite Sweater

Or maybe just your biggest sweater, it’s gonna go a long way, trust us. Just make sure it’s a bit of a statement piece to look fashionable. Here are some of our best selling sweaters I’m sure your customers will love

A Checked Overcoat is a Life-Saver

We all have those days where you stop and realise that you’re putting the same stuff on everyday and the care about your outfits is slowing depleting. Why not invest in a checked overcoat for those days? It’s perfect for when you just don’t want to function. We are currently stocking some fantastic overcoats that would be ideal for this sort of look.

A Bomber Jacket is the Warmest Thing Possible

If you already own one you probably already know this. The Bomber Jacket has become infamous within streetwear culture and luckily, it’s the warmest thing you could wrap yourself in as well. So, this might be the perfect thing for you. Casual jackets are very on trend so take a look at our collection for some inspiration

(Faux) Fur Coats

The fashion industry is starting to understand why having real fur is a bit of problem. So go with the Faux Fur Coats to keep you warm in the winter. All the style, but without any of the cruelty. The best of both worlds!