The Best Boots to Wear this Winter

Here’s what winter entails: Christmas shopping, parties, nights in on the sofa, and then some more Christmas shopping. Much thought goes into all of these occasions: what might my Dad like this year? Shall we watch Jingle all the way or Elf? But the real question that we must ask ourselves is this: what shoes to wear to these occasions?

Granted, you only need a pair of comfy slippers for the nights on the sofa, but you’re going to need some footwear for the others. So here at Zuppe we’ve put together a few picks as to what we think might help you out this winter. Ankle boots are an ever-present design you’ll be needing. With upcoming Christmas shopping season and more, you’ll definitely be needing them.

The Casual Look

Even though winter does seem to be the season of parties and nights out, you are gonna need that casual look to get to and from work on a regular basis. It seems that, right now, the ankle boot is perfect alternative to those sneakers you’ve been wearing to death. Both warm and sure to protect your feet from the frigid winters this festive season. Comfort is going to play a major role and that will be at the top of your customers priority list when they venture out to purchase some new boots. You wouldn’t want to be walking round town with endless amounts of bags in your hands with boots thatt were uncomfortable, would you? Check out the list we’ve compiled below to give you an idea on what to stock this Autumn/Winter…

Eyelet detail ankle boot

Heel stud and zip chelsea boot

All over diamante ankle boot

Faux suede stud strip boot

That is just a few of our best selling boots that you should be stocking for your customers this Autumn/Winter. Your customers will appreciate the effort you have gone to to find them some ‘on trend’ styles that are also very comfortable at the same time. That kind of boot or shoe is hard to come by so be sure to go that extra mile when buying for your shop.