The best knitwear to buy now

With winter looming on us and longer nights coming with it, we say that it’s definitely time to invest in some warmer knitwear pieces to get you through the cruellest season. Luckily for you, we’ve got some perfect inspiration and knitwear pieces for you to buy now.

In the winter, you can expect a more subtle colour palette than what you’re used to, but if you’re feeling brave there’s always coloured knitwear, shoes and scarves. However, if you’re not feeling too brave in that area, then there’s always the safer option of creams, blacks and neutral colours. Because after all, who wants to be flashy all the time? It sometimes nice to keep it fresh with some nice stone or mocha coloured knits. I think they have more of sense of comfort than the their brigther counterpart!

Roll necks for everyone

With simple knitwear pieces such as the timeless roll neck, the trick is to pair with minimal garments for maximum effect: a pair of jeans and a bag will do!

It’s definitely one to wear when you’re getting a bit lazy with thinking of new outfits in your wardrobe. Easy to throw on and out the house we say! One tip though, if the piece you want isn’t oversized, just buy it 1-2 sizes up and it’ll give the same effect. We have seen some variations come in this season like cold shoulder roll neck knitwear or roll neck knitwear with studs or embellished designs have been big on the catwalk.

Oversized Everything

Go oversized with your knitwear this winter and get some of the warmest and cosiest clothing you can wear now! Especially when you can go from work, to drinks to home in the same outfit, all whilst being warm.

It’s definitely going to be a keeper if winter is the worst time for you. Blankets aside, all you’ll need are these oversized knitwear pieces. You can always accessorise with a scarf as well if it looks a bit more frosty outside.

Think Ponchos and capes to help you keep warm while still looking stylish and elegant. We have some fantastic knitted capes at Zuppe that we are sure you and your customers would love. Faux fur trimming seems to be very popular as do pearl trimmings too.

When in doubt, just go simple

A simple knitted jumper will go a long way in your wardrobe. Pairing it with jeans and boots in the winter, and even in the spring with a dress or skirt underneath it.

You’ll learn to treasure your simple knit pieces. Don’t forget the fabrics of cashmere and wool will be your best friends over the next few months.