Autumn/Winter 2017 Fashion Trends: the Ones You Need

Bye Bye Summer!

Summer is slowly disappearing before our eyes, and with this comes autumn, with chunky knitwear (finally), power suiting and more. And if Fashion Month has taught us anything, it’s that things go in and out style quicker than ever before. So, here at Zuppe we’ve got the Fashion Trends that you’re gonna need to be wearing for the next season.

Head to Toe Red

It’s time to stand out, and maybe you’re tired of rocking the all black everything look. So, if you’re feeling a little bit more perky in the mornings, the all red look trend seems actually plausible for mere mortals. So, go out and stand out, because why not? Check out our best selling red numbers on our Zuppe website to help create your firey ensemble.

Say It Proudly

Say it loud and proud, primarily through your fashion choices. Slogan’s seem to be the most sure-fire way to make everyone know you’re a feminist and don’t agree with anything Trump is doing. Both political and stylish, the slogan is the best way to show everyone you’re switched on. We’ve put some fantastic styles together on our Zuppe website that will help you make a statement this Autumn.

Knitwear, Sweaters and More

Thank god, this trend doesn’t seem to have disappeared that much, so your wallet is saved a little as you can shop your own stash of knits. Raid your wardrobe for some old styles that you can pair with the new to maximise your collection. Don’t be scared of rummaging for an old sweatshirt you had a few seasons back that you know would be great paired with the new midi skirt you’ve just purchased. Some things never go out of fashion so be sure to keep some of your favourite pieces to use over and over again. We have compiled a collection of our favourite knitwear from the season up to yet. You’ll be sure to find somthing you like here

Suiting Done Right

Make your suit shine both in and out of the office. With this season’s new suit you can feel both authoritative, but also grab a beer or two straight after work. Plaid is the print of the season and looks fantastic on a suit. Think big shoulder pads and oversized lapels, girl power if you will! This look is perfect for the colder months. It can keep you warm but does not take any of your fashion cred away at the same time. Whether it be work or play the suit look is going to make you look both sophisticated and sleek at the same time! Zuppe clothing have got some amazing tailored trousers and blazer jackets in at the moment so be sure to check them out!