Here at Zuppe clothing we are firm believers that as a retailer it is essentail you pass on your knowledge of fashion to your customers! So suggesting your customers have a wardrobe detox would be a fantastic idea. Tell them to have a good rummage to find their favorite pieces. Once they have got rid of the clothing they know they won’t wear again they can begin to mix the old with the new.

Take your oldest pair of jeans and combine it with your latest purchase and VOILA, a fresh new look you probably never thought of! This can be simply created with a piece from your wardrobe you most likely forgot about – yes, you will have to dig in that closet of yours to find what you will need, but it will be worth it! The trick is finding ways to bring “the old” and “the new” together in a look that is relevant today. Trends always come back, and there will be a time your customers will want to wear that pair of flared jeans again…

Now I’m not advising your customers just keep everything they have in their wardrobe, I’m actually a firm believer in wardrobe detoxing and anti-hoarder. In fact, I just finished another wardrobe detox and it feels like so much weight off my shoulders. But needless to say, you have to be real sure that the things you do get rid of, are really the things you feel you will never wear again. Or they have to be replaceable, in the case of a re-emerging trend.

Once your customers have taken your advice make sure you have some fantastic new stock to help them build their wardrobes back up! Tell the newest tredns for the seaon and try and get an idea of their favourite pieces they ended up keeping instead of throwing away so you can help them create some great new outfits using “the old” and “the new”.

With being autumn you can suggest your best fine knitwear to go under that timeless biker jacket your customer decided to keep. Or suggest some tailored check trousers to go with those fantastic high heeled shoes you decided were too good to throw away.

The aim here is to inspire your customers and have a little fun along the way. If one of your customers does decide to go ahead and follow your advice, i am sure they will be thanking you shortly after.