I know I know. Cardigans, for winter? Groundbreaking. But over the past few years I feel like cardigans have gained serious cool points, with just about every brand under the sun doing their own chunky knit variation. They’re no longer ‘granny chic’ – instead, they’ve become more model off duty with – especially when paired with some of the items in this post. Mix a good chunky knit with some frayed denim and Chelsea boots and you’ll feel warm, but look cool AF.

Chunky knitted cable cardigans are the go to for the major brands, and we all know why! These are fantastic to team up with 90% of your autumn wardrobe. Any small boutique owners make sure you find a good wholesale supplier to supply you with these throughout your Autumn/Winter season, as they will be a staple item throughout. Keep your eyes open for colours such as mustard, berry and brick in these, these are the big colours for the season.

So..they may be ‘granny chic’, they may be ‘boho chic’, but either way they are a must have for the season….So get and get yours while you can