Starting A Successful Online Women’s Clothing Boutique

The first step before establishing an online boutique for women’s clothing is to determine the type of market you want to reach. Different women have different tastes in clothing and fashion. The taste for a teenage woman would be quite different to that of a woman 35 years old. However, for an online boutique clothing boutique to be more successful it should try to reach a big market comprising of almost all women.

The person setting up the online boutique should purchase a domain and buy web space for the site. It is advisable to have a merchant account to be able to accept credit card payment through the site. All the clothes showcased on the site should all be in stock before going live to save any confusion when ordering.

The individual setting up the boutique should invest a lot of research and time in creating awareness about his/her business to retailers. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are very effective in advertising. Pay per click adverts on the internet are very cost effective as the business owner only pays when one clicks the advert. Other forms of advertisement such as through newspapers, fashion magazines, radio and television stations can also play a very big role in creating awareness to retailers about the business.

You must make sure you are using a reliable courier to guarantee the delivery services you are offering on your website. If the courier isn’t on time or the package is damaged this could potentially cost you future sales from that customer.

Be sure to set up a google analytics account to keep an eye on the data your website it collecting. This will give you an insight of areas that your website needs improving and also give you lots of valuable data which highlight the areas you are doing very well in along with age range, best selling stock and location demographics.

To get a good idea of what styles are going to be big in the upcoming seasons you must do your research.  Check out the biggest fashion bloggers to get an insight into whats going to be hot property and hopefully sell if you stock them on your website. It would also be a good idea to take a look at online wholesale companies to see what they have brought in. Take a look at our Zuppe website to view our Autumn/Winter range.

With it being Autumn you should look at stocking things such as knitwear, partywear (perfect for the upcoming christmas period), jeans, jackets and coats. if you make your collection unique with a few classics thrown in for good measure you won’t be far off the mark. Just make sure the garments you invest in are all of good quality as you want your first buy for the website to sell and for the customer to be happy so they will come back to shop again and again.