How to Look Stylish Every day

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you think of:


  • Need Coffee!?
  • Time to Workout?
  • Breakfast, I’m starving?
  • What am I going to wear today?
  • All of the above?


With all of the decisions, we have to make in a day, wondering if we look our best shouldn’t be one of them.

Getting dressed in the morning should be fun and energizing. You are, after all, setting the tone for the rest of the day.

This super simple how to look stylish every day 5 step checklist will have you looking and feeling fantastic every single time you step out your front door.

Your Getting Ready Checklist – How to Be Stylish!

1. Does it fit?
The first guideline in looking and being stylish is one of the most important!

This might sound incredibly simple, but many people leave the house with clothes that fit too big or too small. Make sure your clothes fit you correctly.

Unless it’s intentional, like a boyfriend tee or slouchy knitwear. If you are going for a trendy look make sure to pay special attention to point four.


2. Do the colors match?
Make sure the colors in your outfit complement not only each other but your skin tone too.

Look at the colors you’re wearing and review the palette. Is it subdued, bright, or contrasting? Colors can affect your entire mood so, in addition to fit, make sure the colors help your attitude.

If you’re feeling happy and excited, you wouldn’t want to squash that energy by wearing all black. Choose a color palette to suit your mood.


3. Is it flattering?
Are your best features being accentuated? Do your clothes make your figure look good?

This does not only apply to your sexiest jeans but every piece in your wardrobe. Every piece must flatter your shape. No matter your body shape, you want a defined waistline because you’ll instantly feel more sexy!


4. Is it balanced?
Do the patterns, colors, styles, proportions, and fabrics in the outfit look harmonious?

Does the outfit confuse you? Is it overpowering you? Are there too many accessories or contrasting colors?

You’ll know when an outfit is out of balance because you feel something is out of place.

If you’re going for an item that intentionally larger, make sure to balance it with a slimmer piece. Like a luxurious oversized Italian top with black leggings.


5. What does this outfit say about me?
Because your clothes speak before you do, make sure you’re putting off the message you want others to hear.

First impressions are everything, and it only takes an instant before one is formed. Give the impression you want. Whether you like it or not, people are going to judge you so you might as well make it the judgment you want!

Take into consideration where you’re going. Is your outfit giving off the right vibe to the people you’re going to be interacting with all day? Yes, then go on and make the most of the day. If no, switch the piece that might be out of place in your outfit.


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