Autumn 2017 trends for women over 40

Catering for all age groups is a must

It feels too early to be doing this. I made a quiet pledge not to complain about the weather but really – 2017 has been the year that summer forgot. So, I’ve been finding myself looking ahead to Autumn without feeling guilty. After all these are the clothes that we wear for about nine months of the year. Style-wise there is more change afoot than there has been for quite a few years so I thought I’d kick off with a snapshot of Autumn 2017 trends for women over 40.

Why do I say ‘for women over 40’? It’s because most of us are savvy enough to know that a new season doesn’t mean that we have to replace absolutely everything in our wardrobe. With a few well chosen additions we can refresh what we already have. So I’m not going to go into huge depth. Instead I’m going to highlight the areas to concentrate on.

Longer hemlines

The midi hemline is dominant everywhere. I’m thrilled because I find that it is elegant and easy to wear. Loose, flowing dresses are even stronger for Autumn than they were for summer. Asymmetry is key and ruffles are still a big feature although they’re less frilly this season than they have been.

The way that I will be adopting these dresses is to make sure that they follow the line of the upper part of my body. Let’s face it, if you have a Kate Moss figure, you can wear the very loose look and still look like a sylph. If you enjoy a bacon sandwich every so often, you need to give one part of your body a little definition.

The other key look for dresses is the loose sweater dress. They’re pretty straight up and down so look for splits up the side like this one so that it doesn’t look like a sack. It also means you don’t have to walk like a penguin. You could add more definition with a wide belt too and still be on trend.

If you prefer to wear skirts, the pleated midi is still going strong. Wear them with a blouse tucked in, a sweatshirt, or a slogan tee.


The taloired look is back in fashion once again this season. Again it seems to underpin the new mood of ‘woman power.’ There are two approaches to take. The very fashionable are wearing it supersized with huge, shoulder padded blazers and voluminous wide trousers. Alternatively you can opt for crisp tailoring which is the easier approach. It doesn’t mean you can bring your old suits out again though. The proportions are probably different. Jackets are long, falling to the thigh rather than stopping at the hip. It is the same for blazers worn with jeans – they are suddenly a much longer, boyfriend style.

The area of definition is the waist. You can buy a jacket that is tailored to your middle or you can emphasis it with a belt like this. I always find a belt makes me look bulky but that’s probably because I no longer have a 23 inch waist!

Wide trousers are in. It’s hard to get them right though. Balance them with a short jacket but don’t wear them with a tight jersey top as you did last time. A tucked in blouse is the way forward.


Winter Coats 2017

If you’re thinking about a new winter coat, it’s worth adding a midi to your collection so that you have something to wear over the dresses and skirts. Tweeds and checks are everywhere. If you wear trousers more than skirts, look for a tailored coat that stops mid-thigh.


Hope this helps you decide what you should be stocking for your older clientele. I’m sure they will appreciate you maing the effort to cater for them this Autumn/Winter.