Nail your Summer-to-Autumn wardrobe!

Transitional Style

It’s late summer. The sun is setting earlier and earlier, a cool breeze passes through from time to time, letting us know that Autumn is just around the corner. Don’t get us wrong, we love everything about Autumn/Winter fashion: layers, skinny jeans, knitwear, capes, jackets—the works! But the challenge every year is parting ways with our treasured summer pieces. Here’s a pro tip: don’t! You’ve nailed your spring and summer style, so just keeping rocking what you look and feel good in and add layers on top to keep you warm throughout the colder seasons.

Do you have a chic, simple, and minimal tank top sitting in your closet? If the answer is yes…you can still wear it this fall. Wear it with some high waisted jeans and a nice jacket or wear it with some tailored trousers and a blazer. The options are endless so make sure you don’t neglect your Spring/Summer wardrobe too early!

Puffer jackets over luxurious knitwear or trench coats with a chunky scarf over a fine knit tunic are the sorts of thing you want to be teaming up together. It’s all about using your whole wardrobe! Don’t be scared to incorporate some brighter colours too. After all the weather is dull enough so you might as well brighten up yours and everyone’s day with an injection of colour!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match the old with the new while you still can throughout the transitional period.