Hot Spots for the Season

Spot Dress

Spots for the season

Spots sell! Large spots, small spots, polka dots.. There is always a market for spots in fashion. Each season that passes; colours, styles and trends may come and go but spots will remain. Wholesale Italian clothing focuses heavily on spots. Major brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Ted Baker etc always have a staple spot printed item. Whether that be a funky polka dot mini dress or a large spot print oversized linen top, be sure to have a feature in your store for your spots! Obviously the style and shape is preference to yourself. If you personally never wear spots, do not let that put you off embedding some into your shop floor.

When did we start wearing spots?

Up until the very late 1940’s, spots were merely used to add comical value to an outfit. Seriously!? As we advanced into the 1950’s the world went spot crazy! Spotty dresses, spotty shoes, spotty hats….spotty everything!! And why not? They look great and are very versatile. They can be accessorised with great and will always be in fashion. What’s not to love? This craze then carried on into the 60’s, 70’s and never really stopped! It has its stronger moments if one of the big labels decides to release a full range one season, but they can always be a small part of any retail outlet