What Is Italian Clothing

What styles are classed as Italian Clothing?

Italian clothing factories are well know for their free size ranges. Fabrics include linens, silk, cotton, viscose etc. Although the traditional Italian garments are one size, the range is still very extensive. The Italians cover a HUGE range of styles. Tops, trousers, dresses, tunics, skirts… You name it they make it! And such is the popularity of the Italian style, the stock is always in high demand.

Can Italian clothing create a full seasons range?

Yes it can! There are now a mass of stores and outlets selling nothing but Italian clothing. In a lot of popular coastal areas Italian Clothing will be the number one focus regarding stock. From small village boutiques to city centre stores, you will be sure to see extensive ranges. As most styles, Italian clothing has its own target area which can be anything from the ages of 28+. So if you own a store or a small boutique and you feel this is your target age group, be sure to make it an important part of your seasons range

What to look for when buying Italian stock

A good area to start with is the more basic of the Italian range. The Italians are renowned for these. Simple, plain linen or silk tops. Soft cotton or enzyme washed viscose. Your wholesale clothing supplier will no doubt be carrying a wide range of these basics to get you started. These ranges are so important to the wholesale companies they are normally very extensive. Once you have tested the water, take a bit more of a risk and go for the more fashionable items. Floral prints are a huge success in the Italian clothing industry, as you will find out on your Italian path!