Sparkling Sequin Season

Add a bit of sparkle

To any approaching winter season (especially the Christmas period), prepare for the season of sparkle. As the festivities approach, sparkling sequins begin to hit the shop floors. A multitude of sequin designs roar through factories. Sequin skirts, dresses, shorts, ball gowns… Basically every shape imaginable

What styles can rock sequins?

Literally any style you want! If the full on sequin dress is a bit too much for you or your clientele, why not try a sequin accessory? Sequin shoes? They will be the biggest statement pieces in every major high street store so don’t miss out on all the fun. Not only do they bring to life any shop floor, they also really boost sales! They can be great for merchandising window displays.

Sequins come in many shapes and sizes. Knitwear can be trimmed with very subtle sequins. Dresses can come in extra large all over sequins. The list is endless. However many sparkles you may add to your shop floor, be sure to at least try a little!

The festive season

This is the biggest time of year for these sparkling delights! The arrival of the party season can usually mean an upcoming busy spell for many retail outlets. Be sure to be prepared for this. Get the shelves well stocked, the windows looking fresh and rails varied in styles and designs. Accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves can prove to be a cost effective way of beefing up the store. These are also great for clients to buy as gifts for family and friends. As mentioned, this can be the busy time of the year for most retailers. This is also followed by an extended sale period. This again highlights what an important period this can be regarding sales. With the sale period looming around the corner, you will be wanting to carry over as little stock as possible