This is one colourful idea that actually feels approachable for us mere mortals and it just so happens that red looks fantastic on anyone as it compliments any skin tone. It’s official: Red is the colour of the upcoming Autumn season.

The likes of Prada, Givenchy and Fendi seem to agree as they have been showcasing a sea of red on the catwalks lately. From trench coats, to fur jackets, to the timeless red dress, red is very much the colour you should be wearing to make a statement this fall.

After New York Fashion Week it became evident that a big colour for the season was red. Power red, as we like to call it, was spotted at Victoria Beckham, Proenza Schouler, Monse, and a host of other Big Apple-based designers. But it wasn’t just a New York thing: In the thick of Milan Fashion Week, it’s evident that red may be the color of all fall 2017.

Make sure you are checking out the fashion shows to get an idea of what sort of styles will be ‘in’ before the season starts. Once you’ve worked this out you need to get yourself down to your womens wholesale clothing supplier to stock up as much red as possible. if the fashion shows are anything to go by you wont regret it!