Plus Size Wholesale Fashion

Plus Size Fashion

This market is BOOMING! Plus size fashion is now the same as high street fashion. 10 years ago, plus size fashion was merely an afterthought. Now plus size fashion is on every high street. Not only has the popularity grown, but so has its style. All the big retailers now sell plus size, high end fashion. Also online. All the big online hitters now carry a plus size range, and sell it very well!

Where to source

The most popular styles amongst plus size fashion is the Italian clothing range. Italian factories are well known for their one size ranges. Fabrics like linen, silk and cottons all designed for a one size fits all trend. And what a big trend it is! A lot of wholesale clothing suppliers now stock these Italian ranges.

How can one size fit all?

This is a good question. The style of these garments are usually quite an ‘oversized’ look. Obviously there is always a size guide to garments. But i would suggest a ‘free size’ garment should always fit up to at least a size 26. The bigger the better! To truly call a garment a one size fits all, as well as a ‘plus size’ garment, the ideal size range would be size 16 – 28 in my opinion.

Is plus size high fashion?

The simple answer to that is yes. Especially in the more recent years. The same styles and shapes you see on the high streets are now also available in plus size. Even the biggest brands on the high street now have an extensive range of plus size fashion. So any small retailer should embrace this ever growing market