Celebrities In Knitwear

Celeb Style Knitwear

In the knitwear season, Celebrities will set the bar with the latest upcoming trends. Kendal Jenner set a great trend last season as she stepped out in an eye catching oversized waffle knit jumper. Soon, other celebrities were spotted in similar styles. This then set a popular trend that carried on throughout the season. Literally every high street store had their own version of this waffle knit jumper, and then sister versions there on. This shows the obvious power celeb trends have on the market

Celeb style diversity

Although these celebrity styles start to set trends for the upcoming seasons, the amount of sister styles to branch of these can be quite significant. Different variations of certain ideologies is a great way to maximise sales. Keep the same style of knit, but carry a few different shapes in this. Or keep the same shape and carry it in different weight knits? This is how easily it can be varied to give everybody the best chance of achieving sales

Who’s Hot and Who’s Not

At any given time, there will be certain celebs who are the ‘hottest’ fashion icons at that particular moment. These will no doubt be the ones setting the trends for the upcoming season. So keep an eye for these and spot them as early as you can. This will give you an advantage into being the first to have these styles on the shop floor. Not only can you start the trends but be one step ahead of the competition.