Seasonal Colours

What’s hot this season?

What colours are trending in the upcoming season? Research is the key to this. Read the fashion magazines. Visit high fashion websites to get a feel of what colours are coming through. These on trend colour can be used to a great advantage. When merchandising the shop floor. Creating an effective window display. These are just some reasons why simple research can help boost sales

Staple colours for each season

Are there any colours that carry through the seasons? Yes, of course. Black and white for example. A cute black top will never look out of place on the rails. But again there are factors to consider. Of course the style of the garment as an obvious one. But next, what is the weight of the fabric? Is it the correct weight for the season? Black and white will always be a big part of most retail stores. The seasonal colours then place alongside these to generate your stores theme.

Popular colours for each season

Popular and common summer colours – Usually there will be a stand out pastel colour. This could be a shade of pink, lemon, aqua. Something along those lines. What ever that seasons colours will be will always be well known before the season starts. Either via fashion magazines, the big high street stores and of course your wholesale clothing suppliers

Popular and common autumn colours – In the autumn, the stand out colour is usually very earthy or rustic. For example mustard, rust or a certain shade of dusky pink. Again your wholesale suppliers will have knowledge on this and showcase them in plenty of time. Enough time to plan buying patterns etc.