Seasonal Sales

End of season sales

End of season wholesale/retail sales are a huge part of the fashion season. As a smaller retailer battling with the big stores, it can often feel you are being pushed and pressurised into entering a premature sale to keep it up with the major stores.

Listen and learn

After over 12 years experience in the wholesale clothing industry, our advice to anyone who may be apprehensive about the upcoming sale period is to not panic and simply introduce sale items onto the shop floor as and when you feel necessary. If your stock is ticking over nicely then then let it be.

Lingering stock

If there are styles on your shop floor that are starting to linger, especially if you have started to introduce the new seasons stock, then maybe start a sale rail at the front of the shop and add items as and when you feel necessary.

It may be the case that the reaction to your sale rail is greater than you imagined. If that is the case, put a few items on there that may not be identified as dead stock? Ones that you have maybe bought at a better price point? The profit margin is still worthwhile. Not only does this attract more people into your store, it also means the people coming to browse your new extensive sale range will also wonder around and into the new stock…and hopefully make a purchase!

To summarise, the sale period for any season should not be one of dread. Play around with stock and identify which styles are can go for a smaller profit. Then use the funds to purchase new stock. A mistake smaller retailers can often make is holding on to stock for too long. Styles become completely dormant on the rail. Major stores always battle on price. Holding out for the original profit margin can be dangerous. Bite the bullet as they say and keep your stock moving as there is nothing more attractive to retail customers than a constant influx of new stock!