One Step Ahead

As for any business, following trends, patterns and customer demand is of high priority. Wholesale clothing companies, especially womens wholesale clothing, are in a constant battle to be one step ahead of the fashion industry by predicting what fashion items will be the must have for any retailer within the clothing industry. Almost every 0.25 seconds a fashion blog is uploaded online, each one focusing on a different area of fashion, giving retail companies an idea of what they feel will be the biggest trends for the upcoming season. Wholesale clothing companies do not have this luxury. So how do these wholesale companies find a solution… is how!

Firstly, a lot of it is originally based on trial and error. Any successful wholesale clothing company will tell you their biggest target at the start of any fashion season is to start off with as much variety to the clothing range as possible. As the season creeps into action, certain areas and ideologies will start to stand out as an area of concentration. The wholesale companies must then focus on what is the correlation of the best selling styles are and any pattern they seem to be following. Once this information has been analysed this can become a focal point for future orders, again one step ahead as the trend is starting to gather pace within the retail sector. Once a style, shape or print has run its course, it is important to know when to stop and move on (even if there is an urge for one last order!)