What’s Hot

Season trends

A huge trend amongst wholesale clothing suppliers this summer has been the two biggest trends….Cold shoulder and bardot styles!

As a leading wholesale clothing company, we noticed this trend very early into the spring/summer season in 2017 and boy did it last!! From embroidered cotton tops to sleek silk dresses. Cold shoulder or bardot?  These were basically a must for any wholesale clothing company. Of course the print, fabric and overall shape still had to be on trend, if a style was a cold shoulder or bardot shape it would basically sell itself. Most retailers back up this fact.  99% of them will have had these shapes feature in their range at some point this season (and probably is still ongoing)

So what does this tell us? It show there is always a focal shape or idea for any retailer in any given season! And as a wholesale company it is our job to identify these.  Even before they start to trickle down onto the high street

So what will be the big hitters for the upcoming autumn/winter season? Cold shoulder and bardot light-weight knitwear will be definitely