What to Wear


What to wear today? This is the question on most ladies lips. Every person is unique when it comes to style and fashion. They may be a fan of Italian clothing. Or a fan of high street inspired fashion. Any independent retailer needs to get to know and understand its core customer base and the styles of clothing they are likely to purchase. Then when visiting the wholesalers you will be going with a clear vision of styles you are wanting to purchase, with confidence and assurance you will not be slinging it on the sale rail any time soon.

Most wholesale clothing companies will endeavour to supply a wide range of outfit styles to cater for a rather bigger customer base, so going in and merchandising outfits for your display is something i would advise and be possible at any established wholesale supplier. When your customer arrives at your shop they will be entering with the hope of purchasing a full outfit. Its your aim to be able to supply everything they need and this has to be a focus.

So as a clothing retailer, is the question what to wear today? No. It isn’t. The question is what will THEY want wear today? Years of experience as a retailer will make this judgement become second nature. After you have overseen a few years of the fashion industry certain trends and styles that become annual features you will start to recognise. Then after that you will be experienced enough to know when the best time is to introduce it to your range and also when is the best time to just walk away and pursue other avenues