Styles To Suit You

Any successful retail outlet must pride themselves on having an extensive range, as should any respectable wholesale clothing company, I.E your suppliers. In the retail sector it is easy to get sucked into going down one route of fashion and therefore alienating further potential customers.

So my advice on this matter is always to try and keep your core customers happy, but also to keep trying different ideas. Any new fashion trend is always worth risking a corner of your store/boutique to hopefully make sure you don’t miss the boat on any of the seasons must haves! For example if the core of your business relies on Italian clothing and the hot trend that season seems to be a more fitted/younger style…give it a go! As long as you don’t go overboard there is no harm in attempting to try new things. Who knows, it could open up a whole new world and put a lot of money in the till. Worst case scenario is that a few garments will eventually work it’s way onto the sale rail. But in this business, without being willing to take a risk every now and then, you will be doomed for failure. As mentioned earlier, do not be afraid to ask your wholesale clothing supplier for any information regarding high fashion for the season, even if you it does not follow your usual pattern of buying.

I remember in the early 2000’s there was a HUGE demand for gypsy skirts. Every wholesale clothing company was literally making a living of importing/exporting any style of gypsy skirt they could get their hands on. The gypsy skirt falls into the “Italian clothing” category…but yet what is known in the trade as “teeny bopper” stores were also stocking, and selling, a wide range of gypsy skirts. Again this shows that once a trend hits and it hits hard, it can be so generic that every store who doesn’t have them will missing out on sales.

So to summarise, although you will alway shave an idea of what style of clothing will suit your store and your clients, but don’t be afraid to take a little risk every now and then who knows…It could open up a whole new world for you