Transitional Fashion

There is always a funny period in between each season which is known in the clothing industry as the transitional period. The transitional period for a lot of companies is usually occupied by heavy sales and clearing out of unwanted stock. But for a lot of independent boutiques, who tend to not build up quantities of unsold stock, it is an important time to buy stock very wisely. In any transitional part of the season, it is important to focus on what may be the ‘in’ fashion colour for the upcoming season. For example the breakthrough colour from Spring/Summer to the Autumn/Winter season may be berry, or mustard, or burnt orange. Along those lines. At this time you will notice your wholesale clothing suppliers will begin to drip feed the particular shade into their current fashion range. This is the ideal time to add abit yourself and be the first to set the trend! Whilst still focusing on the correct weight garment and style for the current season, keep an eye out for ‘splashes’ of certain shades starting to appear at in the wholesale showrooms

So whilst it may seem the ‘Big Stores’ all around you on the high street are busy in these funny, transitional periods. The case may because they are doing their best to practically give away the old sale items they no longer want. So for any boutique who is gently easing in the transitional garments, have faith that this will still attract certain customers who aren’t just interested in saving a few quid on a top they would usually give or take. But that they are looking to stay on trend and fashionable for the upcoming season!