Eye For Fashion

Let’s be honest. Who in the right mind would enter into any sort of business in the fashion industry, whether that be in retail, wholesale, or even manufacturing, without believing they truly did have any eye for fashion. One common mistake in the fashion industry, especially in retail, is to stock up on fashion items purely on the person’s personal taste alone. The idea of fashion is to be unique and diverse. If you stock up a shop or boutique on items that look like a mirror image or your own wardrobe, you may well find (but shouldn’t be surprised) that not everyone shares your same taste in fashion. So breaking out of that mindset and being open to explore styles and designs you wouldn’t dream of wearing is absolutely vital. I cannot express this enough!

As a leading wholesale clothing supplier, we have seen this so many times. We try and advise people on what are the best selling styles for certain areas at that time. Some of which are always willing to listen and learn (as is also as vital when starting up a new clothing business) and others that are not receptive and have tunnel vision on the styles they insist on buying. If this works for them then fair enough, but after over 20 years experience in the wholesale business, believe me when i say i would highly recommend learning to think outside the box, and quickly!!

So having an eye for fashion is always essential, but always be on the prowl for essential pieces that may not suit your idea of fashion, because the end aim for any business is to generate sales. To do this having an open mind is essential