Back In Fashion

The fashion industry has a funny habit of forming in cycles. These cycles can be any time period. 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, even decades. And what i mean by cycle is the reappearance of certain styles and trends. The 60’s look for example. This would entail a range of very rustic, earthy colours in shapes such as pinafores, high neck polo tops…you get the idea. The 70’s as we know was a bit more psychedelic whereas the 80s were very loud, bright and disco themed! And certain statement rends from these era’s will often make a reappearance. This is very popular amongst celebrity fashion. An A-List celebrity will be ‘spotted’ sporting a rustic brown pinafore with mustard polo lining. And wake up tomorrow and that is the ‘must have’ look for the season.

By all means we understand not every store or boutique will follow fast fashion to such an extent, but it is always worth being aware of. Pick up a magazine, browse through your wholesale suppliers upcoming seasons catalogue, or have a look at on certain social media outlets. Get an idea of what styles may due to make an appearance, who knows it may be something that you are already stocking!

Fashion is always on the move so try and keep up with the pace. Most womens wholesalers will be one step ahead, so pop in to see them and have a chat about their next buying trip to see what direction they will be going in the future. It’s always good to be the first to stock the newest trends as a retailer to impress your customers.

This season has been all about floral print blouses and gingham print styles, along with Italian silk tunics and Linen trousers. As the Summer season draws to a close, do some research so you can be sure to hit the Autumn/Winter season running.